2024 Yearly Event
  Event Date Venue
1. 43rd Chinese Martial Arts Self-Attainment Award Display 21 April (Sun) Kowloon Park Sports Centre
2. 67th Festival of Sport – Chinese Martial Arts Performance 19 May (Sun) Po Kong Village Road Sports Centre
3. 25th Hong Kong Open Luminous Dragon Dance Competition 19 May (Sun) Po Kong Village Road Sports Centre
4. 第7屆亞洲三地醒獅邀請賽2024 23 June (Sun) Yuen Wo Road Sports Centre
5. HK Children Chinese Martial Arts (Age Group) Competition 2024 14 July (Sun) Lung Sum Avenue Sports Centre
6. 31st Inter-School Dragon & Lion Dance Championship 24 August (Sat) &
25 August (Sun)
Wai Tsuen Sports Centre
7. 32nd HK Open Nei Jia Chuan Competition T.B.C. T.B.C.
8. 17th HK Open Northern Lion Dance Competition T.B.C. T.B.C.
9. 15th HK Open Skilled Dragon Dance Competition T.B.C. T.B.C.
10. HK Open Dragon & Lion Dance Competition 2024 T.B.C. T.B.C.

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  Subject to change without prior notice.
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