• April
  •   Demonstration of Chinese Martial Arts in HK Sports Festival  
  • April
  •   HK Open Southern Lion Dance Competition  
  • April
  •   World Tai Chi Day  
  • May
  •   HK Chinese Martial Arts Self-Attainment Award Display  
  • June
  •   HK Open Nei Jia Chuan Competition  
  • July
  •   HK Inter-School Dragon & Lion Dance Championship  
  • August
  •   HK Open Children Martial Arts (Age Group) Competition  
  • September
  •   HK Open Luminous Dragon Dance Competition  
  • November
  •   HK Open Dragon & Lion Dance Competition  
    International Competition in Hong Kong
  • January
  •   World Luminous Dragon Dance & Lion Dance Championship (Twice a year)  
  • February
  •   International Kung Fu Masters Performance and Championship  
    Participate the Dragon Dance, Lion Dance & Chinese Martial Arts Competition at overseas these year
  • China
  • Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore
  • Canada and Holland and USA etc...

    1969 The 1st Hong Kong Festival
    1975 The 18th Hong Kong Sports Festival
    1978 The 3rd Hong Kong Arts Festival

    From these years, our association is responsible for Gold Dragon and Lion Dance for these events.

  • 1972 6.18
  •   Rain disaster and Wah Tung Flooding, the association both contributed by Chinese Martial Arts demonstration and Lion Dance.
  • 1971
  •   Organsied a great begins, hundred years since start of Port, "The 1st Chinese Martial Arts Tournament". The event continued and the famous fighters are still be memorized and talked about.
  • 1981
  • Onwards,
      The"Hong Kong Open Chinese Martial Arts Self-Attainment Award Display Competition" obtained the support from Sports Development Board, Urban Council and Regional Council. Recently the participants increased to thousands.
  • 1982
  •   Organized the "6th Chinese Martial Arts International Invitation Tournament", held at Elizabeth Stadium for few days. Caused uproar in Hong Kong and Worldwide.
  • 1987
  •   Organised the first "Hong Kong Lion Dance Demonstration Competition"
  • 1991
  •   Jointly organized with Hong Kong Coaches Committee Program to train up more Chinese Martial Arts Coaches equipped with modern knowledge.
  • 1992
  •   Held the “International Lion Dance Competition” at twice a year, 1995 Expanded the event into a whole week "Hong Kong Lion Dance Festival". Over fifteen countries participated.
  • 1994
  •   Jointly organised with Education Department to form a School Lion Dance Course and started the "Hong Kong Inter-School Dragon and Lion Dance Championship". Over 20 schools participated.
  • 2003
  •   "The World Luminous Dragon Dance & Lion Dance competition" from Invitation Tournament changed to Championships, it leaded to higher level of the International events.
    Our Association organizes different and routine competitions and various coaches and judges training courses each year. We extremely welcome every Chinese Martial Arts practitioners, Dragon and Lion Dancers to join our association. In which, you would meet new friends, obtain more knowledge, interchange Martial Arts theories and techniques, enrich your learning, and anticipate in competition and coaches training courses.